5K Outfitters Western Wyoming Guided Hun
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear do I bring?

Small day pack, head lamp, game bags, water bottle, knife, broke in waterproof boots, light weight rain gear, clothing for temperatures ranging 70 to 0. Having the ability to layer is important. Hunter orange. Hunters safety, tags, additional ammo to check zero after trip. All things necessary to take care of meat once its out of the mtns.

Do you help get the animal out of the hills?

We cape, quarter, and haul your game out of the mtns and take to our house. Once it is there it is the client’s responsibility to take care of and process. There is a local processor, or some clients bring a freezer with a generator so they can process at home.

What do I do if I tag out early?

There are some great streams and rivers to fish if you elect to stay the duration of your hunt. Excellent sight seeing or simply rest up before your long trip home.

How much should I tip? Who should I tip?

10% of the hunt is a good starting place for your guide. 2-4% for cook. A thing to remember is their days start a 1 hr. before yours and end a 1 hr. or 2 after. Some feel more is needed some feel less. In a lot of cases it takes yrs. of savings to come out for a hunt. We fully understand the expense with a guided hunt, so any acknowledgment is appreciated.

What is the refund policy?

No Refunds